Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maya is with God and soul, both!!

मायाधीन जीव है अनादि कह बामा ।
माया ते मुक्ति दिलावें श्याम श्यामा ॥(21)

The soul is under maya since eternity.  By the Grace of Shyamaa Shyam alone, the soul rids itself off the eternal bondage of maya.

ब्रम्ह की ही शक्ति जीव माया कह बामा ।
सब हैं सनातन माया जीव श्यामा ॥(22)

Soul and maya, both are powers of God.  Three entities- God, soul and maya are there from eternity and will always be there.

माया है मिथ्या ऐसा बको आठु यामा ।
किन्तु माया जाय जब कृपा करें श्यामा ॥(23)

The followers of the path of knowledge say that only God is truth, maya is a myth. However, this statement of  such seekers of knowledge, is a reflection of their delusion.  Just by dismissing maya as myth, one cannot free oneself from its influence.  Only grace of Shyamaa (God), maya goes away.

साधना किये न मिलें श्याम पूर्णकामा ।
पिया जिसे चाहे सोइ सुहागिनि बामा
Attainment of all-blissful Shyamsundar is impossible by saadhna (spiritual practices) alone.  She who can please and attract her beloved is considered true wife in world also (so one should please Shaymsundar by our unconditional devotion to get His Grace and Love). 

तुम भी चित हम भी चित कह ब्रजबामा ।
तुम विभुचित हम अणुचित श्यामा ॥(25)

Oh Shyamaa, You are embodiment of knowledge and being Your part I also have knowledge within,  however the difference is such that Your power of knowledge is infinite while mine is infinitesimal.   

तू तो है मायाधीश कह ब्रजबामा ।
मैं भी तेरा अंश किन्तु मायाधीन श्यामा ॥(26)

Oh Shyamaa, maya is Your servant and You are the controller of maya.  Though I am a part of You, I remain subservient to maya.

तेरे मेरे पास माया कह ब्रजबामा ।
माया तेरी दासी मैं हूँ माया दासी श्यामा ॥(27)

Oh Shyamaa, though maya is with You and me both.  The difference is, while maya remains with You as servant, and I remain with maya as its servant.  

तुम भी हम भी दोनों हैं अनादि कह बामा ।
जो भी हो अनादि वो अनन्त होय श्यामा ॥(28)

Oh Shyamaa, both You and I have no beginning and that which is without beginning is endless (ie; eternal).

तुम भी अज हम भी अज रहें उर धामा ।
तुम कर्म लिखो हम कर्म करें श्यामा ॥(29)

Oh Shyamaa, You are unborn and I am also unborn.  You sit within me taking note of all my thoughts and action and I am the one who takes all the actions.  

कोरे शब्द ज्ञान ते बने ना कछु कामा ।
मन करो शरणागत पद श्री श्यामा ॥(30)

Only gaining futile bookish knowledge will not help us attain our goal.  For that (God-realization) we need to surrender ourselves to the Lotus-feet of Shyamaa.

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