Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No one can love anyone in this world because no one knows the true meaning of love!

नाश हेतु हो भी तो गोविन्द राधे ।
बढता ही जाये जो सो प्रेम बता दे ॥
"There are ample reasons for reduction but instead of reducing it keeps on increasing, such love is true love."

Summary of the explanation of above lines by Shree Maharajji in Mussoorie on June 1st, 2010-

No one can love anyone in this world because no one knows the true meaning of love. We say "I love you" to our father, mother, brother, sister, husband/wife etc but we do not know the meaning of love. This is just a drama. Love in world and worldly attachment is there till there is some selfish motif. Once the motif gets fulfilled (unfulfilled) the love also reaches its end.

Another aspect of love is- love exists between two as long as both are favorable to each other.  You will not love a person who constantly goes against you or insults you or harms you. The so called love will turn instantly in hate when one between two starts to behave in opposite direction. People who believe in such love cannot attain true love.

The real meaning of “love” is- when something untoward happens between two, the love shouldn't decrease rather increase.  Such love can be there only with God.   In the material world full of selfish motifs such love cannot even be imagined. Gaurang Mahaprabhu told Shree Krishna “Hey Shyaam Sundar, You can do only three things- either You can hug me and love me or out of enmity you can send your discus (Sudharshan chakra) and kill me or You can be neutral towards me and ask 'who are you'.  Whatever among these three gives You more comfort (pleasure) I am willing to accept it, my love for You will not decrease. Such love is true love, rest is all business.
There is a rule of God or Guru "ये यथा मां प्रपद्यन्ते तांस्तथैव भजाम्यहम".  Shree Krishna said in Geeta, "Arjun, whichever soul in whatever way (bhaw) and in whatever percentage loves Me, I reciprocate the same to that soul to the same limit." 

In spiritual world the only determining factor of love is your own love towards your beloved.   You love Him, that is all.  There is no question of whether He loves you or not.  Whereas, in material world we determine the extent of love through other's actions.  He/she looks at me, so he/she loves me.  He/she does not look at me, does not talk to me, so he/she does not love me.  But in the spiritual realm it is not like that.  There the action may be opposite. A gopi asked Shree Radha why She loves Shyaam Sundar where as He loves other women. Shree Radha replied that He is just testing Her and She knows very well that to whatever extent She loves Him He has to love Her back to the same extent and He does.  In worldly love favorable reciprocation of love is the basis of love.  When there is not favorable reciprocation, there is no love.  Therefore, worldly love is not really “love”.  We should not call it love. It should be called “swarth" (selfishness).

In the world, a boy says to a girl that he cannot live without her and both run away and get married. After four days argument starts and the marriage ends in divorce. Everything is deceptive to get your selfishness fulfilled. They call this “love”. Everybody wants their happiness and not for others.  They want happiness for their self.  This is not love.

In real “love” there should be some sacrifice. If one wants the happiness/comfort for his/her lover then it is “love”.  We are so bad that even if God comes we want Him to fulfill our happiness.  We tell Him that we would like to do Charan sewa (press His feet) of Him in His room.  But, if He asks us to clean the house with a broom, and asks another one to come into His room, we do not like that. We are mad after our selfishness.

So, “love” should not decrease even if there is reason for a decrease and should constantly be increasing. If one feels like this then he/she can understand that they love their Guru and God. If one is not like that then he/she should be far from God and Guru and be happy in the deceptive material world. They will never grasp matters relating to God/Guru but will always be earning spiritual transgression (namaparadh). 

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