Friday, June 11, 2010

Remembering God's Form while Practicing Devotion is Compulsory!

रुपध्यान अंक सम गोविन्द राधे ।
और साधनाओं को शून्य बतादे ॥

Roopdhyan (meditating on Lords Form by mind) is the number while all other forms of sadhanas (devotional practices) are zeros. 

Summary of the lecture given by Shree Maharajji:
There are many types of devotion, but amongst them "nawadha bhakti" (nine types of devotion) as described by Prahlad in Bhagwatam are main.  Among those nine, three can be further winnowed- shrawanam (listening), keertanam (chanting) and smaranam (remembering).  Among these three, Shree Maharajji puts focus on the remembrance of God, only.  He says, "no matter what form of devotion you practice, if your mind is not remembering God, all such practices are futile." Like there are digits from 1-9 and there is a zero.  Zero alone has no value, even if there are uncountable number of zeros they will have no value.  But if we add a number (1-9) in front of that zero, it will carry some value.  So, Shree Maharajji says, "No matter what form of devotion you practice, if you do not remember God from mind, all such practices will be converted into valueless zero."  We can spend thousands of life times listening to God's Divine pastimes or chant His name whole day and night, if we do not remember God while doing so, our goal of attaining God will not be fulfilled.  
There is no limitation while meditating God's form.  We can make any form we want and meditate upon that form.  If we like black Shree Krishna, make Him black, if we like fair Shree Krishna make Him fair. Make Him tall, make Him short.  Whatever, we want.There is no restriction, but "remembering God's form while doing sadhana is compulsory," says Shree Maharajji.

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