Monday, June 28, 2010

O' lovely Radheyrani! Please come once and for all

आजा आजा आजा आ के ना जा कभु प्यारी
आजा मॆरे उर तहाँ मिलेंगे बिहारी
आजा प्यारी पाछे पाछे ऐहंै बनवारी
आजा प्यारी तेरा शिशु ढूँढे महतारी
आजा निज शिशु को लगाले उर प्यारी
मेरी प्यारी पर वारी मै तो वापै प्यारी

Shree Maharajji added these lines to "To Pe Wari Wari, Barasaneywari"  in Mussoorie on June 17th, 2010

O' lovely Radheyrani! Please come once and for all
Please come and reside in my heart, there You will find Bihari (Shree Krishna)
Please come, so that (Banwari) Shree Krishna also comes following You
Please come, Your child (me/soul) is looking for its mother
Please come and embrace Your child
I sacrifice my all on You, O' lovely Radheyrani, please come.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Self-desirous devotion of Shree Krishna is glorious in comparison to Selfless devotion of celestial gods!!

मन ही शुभाशुभ कर्म करे बामा ।
याते मन ते ही करो भक्ति आठु यामा ॥(31) 
Mind alone is the doer of pious and non-pious deeds.  Therefore, do constant devotion of Shyamaa Shyam only by mind.

मन ने ही बाँधा कर्मपाश कह बामा ।
काटे पाश मन ही शरण गहि श्यामा ॥ (32)
It is the mind alone which has trapped the soul in the web of karmas. When the soul which is bound in karmas, surrenders to Shyamaa, then the mind itself releases the soul from the bondage to the results of karmas.  

माना मन अति चंचल कह बामा ।
बार बार समझाओ मन तेरी श्यामा ॥ (33)
It is a fact that the mind is extremely fickle, however, if the mind is constantly trained to think that "Shyamaa alone is yours", then slowly, the mind will get detached from the world and get attached to Her.

तेरे हैं अनन्त पाप कह ब्रज बामा ।
याते धीरे धीरे मन भायेंगी श्यामा ॥ (34)
O Soul, your mind you have committed innumerable sins, therefore, your mind will be attracted towards Shyamaa gradually.

धीरे धीरे शिशु बने युवा कह बामा ।
ऐसे ही माँगो सदा देंगी प्रेम श्यामा ॥ (35)
Like a baby boy who becomes an adult slowly, similarly, plead for Divine love from Shyamaa and one day She will grant you that Divine love.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't think much, just accept me as Yours!!

कृपा माँगना न आवे कृपा करु राधे ।
सोच तेरा अपयश कृपा करु राधे ।
सोच लाज जाए तेरी कृपा करु राधे ।
सोचना अपुनो कृपा करु राधे ।
जग जाने मै हुँ तेरा कृपा करु राधे ।
तेरा तो स्वभाव कृपा कृपा करु राधे ।
भवसिन्धु डुबे शीशु कृपा करु राधे ।
प्रेम निष्काम दे दे कृपा करु राधे ॥
Shree Maharajji sang and added these lines to "Kripa Karu Radhey" keertan in Mussoorie on June 7th, 2010
I don't know how to plead for Your Grace, (but) O Radhey please Grace me
If You don't (Grace me) Your reputation will be ruined, (so) O Radhey please Grace me
Think, Your honor is at stake, (so) O Radhey please Grace me
Don't think much, just accept me as Yours, O Radhey please Grace me
The whole world knows that I am Yours, (so) O Radhey please Grace me
To Grace all is Your natural attribute, (so) O Radhey please Grace me
Your child (me) is drowning in this sea of material misery, (so) O Radhey please Grace me
Please grant me selfless love, O Radhey please Grace me

All glories to Radheyrani, on whom Shree Krishna sacrifices His all!!

जय हो, जय हो भोरी भारी सरकार, बलिहार बलिहार ।
जय हो, जय हो प्यारी प्यारी सरकार, बलिहार बलिहार ।
जय हो, रसिक रँगीली सरकार, बलिहार बलिहार ।
जय हो, छैल छबीली सरकार बलिहार बलिहार ।
जय हो मेरी भोरी भारी सरकार बलिहार बलिहार ।।

जापै नन्दकुमार बलिहार बलिहार बलिहार ।
मै तो जाउं बार बार बलिहार बलिहार बलिहार ।
जय हो बरसाने वारी बलिहार बलिहार बलिहार ।
मै तो वारी जाउं बारम्बार बलिहार बलिहार ।
जाके पाछे डोले नन्दकुमार बलिहार बलिहार ।
जको द्वार पतित दरवार बलिहार बलिहार ।।

Shree Maharajji added these lines to the keertan "Jai ho Jai ho Albeli Sarkar, balihaar balihaar" on June 4th, 2010 in Mussoorie (Sewa Kunj)
All glories to simple Radheyrani

All glories to lovely Radheyrani

All glories to colorful Radheyrani who is delight of rasik saints

All glories to frolicsome Radheyrani

All glories to simple Radheyrani

All glories to Radheyrani, on whom Shree Krishna sacrifices His all

O Radheyrani, I sacrifice my all on you, again and again

All glories to Radheyrani who dwells in Barsana

I offer my all on you again and again, O Radheyrani

All glories to Radheyrani whom Shree Krishna constantly follows

All glories to Radheyrani whose doorstep is solace to all the sinners 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eternal battle between God and mind!

तुम ही मान लो हार, श्याम अब ।
A devotee is asking Shree Krishna, "O Shyamsundar, please accept defeat."  Defeat in what and why Lord Krishna who is all-victorious should accept defeat from whom? 

Shree Maharjji says, "There is a eternal war going on.  The war is internal family dispute.  In the family there is God and there is His servant maya's son (mann/mind) and there also is God's son (jeev/soul).  The battle is between God and mann.  What is this battle for?  God is saying, "surrender to Me" and Mann is saying, "first Grace me, then I'll surrender".  This is the main cause of battle.  So a devotee is pleading to God, "Hey, Shree Krishna, this mind of mine is ignorant it'll not surrender.  But, since you are causelessly graceful, please grace me."
Shree Maharajji, beautifully sings and explains this eternal battle in a self-written padh-"Tum Hi Maan Lo Haar, Shyam Ab".  

Please watch the lecture series below.  

Friday, June 18, 2010

All glory to Radha Rani; on You I sacrifice my all!!

जय हो जय हो अलबेली सरकार बलिहार बलिहार ।
तेरी महिमा अपरंपार बलिहार बलिहार ।
तेरी ब्रम्ह करे जयकार बलिहार बलिहार ।
तेरा अधाधुंध दरबार बलिहार बलिहार ।
कछु घटि न जाय दे प्यार बलिहार बलिहार ।
तू तो करुणा की अवतार बलिहार बलिहार ।
तव चाकर नंदकुमार बलिहार बलिहार ।
तू पतितन की रखवार बलिहार बलिहार ।
अब खोल कृपा भंडार बलिहार बलिहार ।
क्यों कृपण 'कृपालुिहं' बार बलिहार बलिहार ॥

All glory to Radha Rani; on You I sacrifice my all.
Your glory knows no bounds; on You I sacrifice my all.
Shree Krishna glorifies You in a loud voice; on You I sacrifice my all.
You are an inexhaustible giver of mercy; on You I sacrifice my all.
Grant me Your Divine Love; Your stock of Love will not decrease.
You are the Descension of Love and Grace; on You I sacrifice my all.
Nandkumar is Your eternal servant; on You I sacrifice my all.
You are the protector of fallen souls; on You I sacrifice my all.
Open wide the door to Your treasury of Grace; on You I sacrifice my all.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu,’ “Why have You become miserly in bestowing Your grace upon me?”

Listen to the audio of this keertan in Swamiji's voice here:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who is Guru?

The scriptures talks only of three entities-God, soul and maya.  There isn't any scope for fourth entity.  So, who is Guru in this case?  Shree Maharajji explains,"the jeevatma (soul) when attains Paramatma (God) becomes mahatma (Guru)."  In sanskrit, "Gu" means "maya" and "ru" means "to dispel".  Guru is one who dispels maya from soul. Only through such Guru soul attains God.  Without Guru no soul can get Shree Krishna's Divine love.  Even Shree Krishna is bound by His own law-without Guru, God cannot give soul His Divine vision or Love or anything else. 
Shree Gaurang Mahaprabhu said:
भक्त पद धुरी, भक्त पद जल, भक्त भुक्त अवशिष्ट तीन महाबल ।
एही सेवा हेते कृष्ण प्रेमा होय ॥
Partake of the devotee's (Guru) foot dust, foot wash and remnant of his prasadam (food)-these three things possess spiritual power and with these, one (soul) gets Divine love of Shree Krishna.

Listen to the full lecture by Shree Maharajji on Guru-tattwa here:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maya is with God and soul, both!!

मायाधीन जीव है अनादि कह बामा ।
माया ते मुक्ति दिलावें श्याम श्यामा ॥(21)

The soul is under maya since eternity.  By the Grace of Shyamaa Shyam alone, the soul rids itself off the eternal bondage of maya.

ब्रम्ह की ही शक्ति जीव माया कह बामा ।
सब हैं सनातन माया जीव श्यामा ॥(22)

Soul and maya, both are powers of God.  Three entities- God, soul and maya are there from eternity and will always be there.

माया है मिथ्या ऐसा बको आठु यामा ।
किन्तु माया जाय जब कृपा करें श्यामा ॥(23)

The followers of the path of knowledge say that only God is truth, maya is a myth. However, this statement of  such seekers of knowledge, is a reflection of their delusion.  Just by dismissing maya as myth, one cannot free oneself from its influence.  Only grace of Shyamaa (God), maya goes away.

साधना किये न मिलें श्याम पूर्णकामा ।
पिया जिसे चाहे सोइ सुहागिनि बामा
Attainment of all-blissful Shyamsundar is impossible by saadhna (spiritual practices) alone.  She who can please and attract her beloved is considered true wife in world also (so one should please Shaymsundar by our unconditional devotion to get His Grace and Love). 

तुम भी चित हम भी चित कह ब्रजबामा ।
तुम विभुचित हम अणुचित श्यामा ॥(25)

Oh Shyamaa, You are embodiment of knowledge and being Your part I also have knowledge within,  however the difference is such that Your power of knowledge is infinite while mine is infinitesimal.   

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surrender to God: The most confidential of all knowledges!

Shree Krishna says to Arjun in the Geeta:
सर्वगुह्ातमं भूयः श्रृणु मे परमं वचः । (Geeta)
“Arjun!  I have disclosed some confidential knowledge, and also some very confidential knowledge to you.  Now listen to the most confidential of all knowledge.”  After hearing about the paths of Karm, Gyan and Bhakti, Arjun had not yet reached the point where he would be ready to fight the Mahabharat and kill everyone as per Shree Krishna’s instruction.  Arjun did not have the courage to say, “I will fight not one but ten Mahabharats; I will kill them all.”  So God said to him, “Because you are very dear to me, I will disclose to you the most confidential of all knowledge.”  Shree Krishna said :
सर्वधर्मान् परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं वज्र । (Geeta)
Most acharyas have explained this verse to mean, “Renounce all dharm, or pres
cribed Vedic duties, and surrender to Me alone.”  Only Shankaracharya has explained it as:
धर्म अधर्म च ।
“Surrender to Me, abandoning all types of Vedic duties and irreligiosity.”  This commentary has been ridiculed by everyone, laymen and learned scholars alike.  Why?  Because, it is understandable that Shree Krishna would say, “Abandon all types of religious duties and surrender to Me,” but what is the need of mentioning that adharm, irreligiosity, must also be abandoned?  Even fools know that adharm has to be renounced.  This commentary of Shankaracharya just shows his obstinacy in not wanting to accept devotion to the Personal Aspect of God.  The meaning he has given to this verse is so incorrect that even the common man laughs at this commentary.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Listen, O soul! you want only happiness!!

सुनहु साधक, सुनहु साधक, सुनहु साधक प्यारे ।
तुम चहत आनंद शाश्वत दिव्य चिन्मय प्यारे ।
Listen O spiritual aspirants!
(what do you want?) You want only one thing-unlimited happiness.

Shree Maharajji sings and explains self-written lines on what a soul wants and how will it attain what it has always wanted. These are unmatched verses from Shree Maharajji comprising all the philosophies.  In his own words, "there is nothing to know beyond these lines, if we understand them and practice them, we will gain our true goal-happiness."

Watch the video of the lecture here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

O, Shree Krishna! Always look upon me as Yours!!

अपनापन रखना मेरे घनश्याम ।
घडी घडी पल पल नाम तिहारो रटे मेरी रसना मेरे घनश्याम ।
लली लाल दोउ दै गरबाहीं हमारे हिये बसना मेरे घनश्याम ।
भाव िहंडोरे डारि हिये में झुलाउ नित झुलना मेरे घनश्याम ।
दै उपहार हार अँसुवन को बना लूँ तुझे अपना मेरे घनश्याम ।
कैसेहुँ करि कृपालु प्रभु अपनो पुरवो मम सपना मेरे घनश्याम ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)
My Shyamsunder! Always look upon me as Yours.
My sole desire is to sing Your glories each and every moment!
Dwell in my heart, o Radha and Krishna, with arms around one another.
I will rock You both gently on the swing of loving feelings in my heart.
By presenting to You a garland of tears, I will make You mine for ever.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O Shyamsunder! No matter how, please make this dream of mine come true.”

Listen to this keertan in Swamiji's melodious voice here:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Remembering God's Form while Practicing Devotion is Compulsory!

रुपध्यान अंक सम गोविन्द राधे ।
और साधनाओं को शून्य बतादे ॥

Roopdhyan (meditating on Lords Form by mind) is the number while all other forms of sadhanas (devotional practices) are zeros. 

Summary of the lecture given by Shree Maharajji:
There are many types of devotion, but amongst them "nawadha bhakti" (nine types of devotion) as described by Prahlad in Bhagwatam are main.  Among those nine, three can be further winnowed- shrawanam (listening), keertanam (chanting) and smaranam (remembering).  Among these three, Shree Maharajji puts focus on the remembrance of God, only.  He says, "no matter what form of devotion you practice, if your mind is not remembering God, all such practices are futile." Like there are digits from 1-9 and there is a zero.  Zero alone has no value, even if there are uncountable number of zeros they will have no value.  But if we add a number (1-9) in front of that zero, it will carry some value.  So, Shree Maharajji says, "No matter what form of devotion you practice, if you do not remember God from mind, all such practices will be converted into valueless zero."  We can spend thousands of life times listening to God's Divine pastimes or chant His name whole day and night, if we do not remember God while doing so, our goal of attaining God will not be fulfilled.  
There is no limitation while meditating God's form.  We can make any form we want and meditate upon that form.  If we like black Shree Krishna, make Him black, if we like fair Shree Krishna make Him fair. Make Him tall, make Him short.  Whatever, we want.There is no restriction, but "remembering God's form while doing sadhana is compulsory," says Shree Maharajji.

Listen to the audio of this lecture here:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

All the opulence or power of the Lord is present in his name and abode!

प्रेम के अधिन श्याम नाम ते न कामा ।
लाला लाला कहें नित यशुमति भामा ॥ (11)
Shyamsundar is always subservient under devotee's love. There is no such condition that He needs to be called by a specific name.
Yashoda would just call Him as Lala, Lala.

नाम चाहे जो लो करो प्रेम सुखधामा ।
सखा कहें कनुआ लगँर कहें बामा ॥ (12)
Love is the prime element while calling out His Name. The cowherd boys called their friend "Kanua" (blacky).
Gopis call Shyamsundar as "Langar" (flirt).

नाम के समान ही हैं नाम अरु धामा ।
रो के पुकारो जो तो कहें ब्रज बामा ॥ (13)
All the opulence or power of the Lord is present in His Name and Abode. If a soul believes in this 100% and calls the Lord shedding tears, the Lord comes running.

विधि हरि हर सुर मिलि एक ठामा ।
रो के पुकारा हरि आए तजि धामा ॥ (14)
When the demoniac  forces increased their grip on the mother earth, then the celestial gods met at a place and cried out to the Lord with their prayers. At that time, the omnipotent Lord appeared before the celestial gods, leaving His Abode. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No one can love anyone in this world because no one knows the true meaning of love!

नाश हेतु हो भी तो गोविन्द राधे ।
बढता ही जाये जो सो प्रेम बता दे ॥
"There are ample reasons for reduction but instead of reducing it keeps on increasing, such love is true love."

Summary of the explanation of above lines by Shree Maharajji in Mussoorie on June 1st, 2010-

No one can love anyone in this world because no one knows the true meaning of love. We say "I love you" to our father, mother, brother, sister, husband/wife etc but we do not know the meaning of love. This is just a drama. Love in world and worldly attachment is there till there is some selfish motif. Once the motif gets fulfilled (unfulfilled) the love also reaches its end.

Another aspect of love is- love exists between two as long as both are favorable to each other.  You will not love a person who constantly goes against you or insults you or harms you. The so called love will turn instantly in hate when one between two starts to behave in opposite direction. People who believe in such love cannot attain true love.

The real meaning of “love” is- when something untoward happens between two, the love shouldn't decrease rather increase.  Such love can be there only with God.   In the material world full of selfish motifs such love cannot even be imagined. Gaurang Mahaprabhu told Shree Krishna “Hey Shyaam Sundar, You can do only three things- either You can hug me and love me or out of enmity you can send your discus (Sudharshan chakra) and kill me or You can be neutral towards me and ask 'who are you'.  Whatever among these three gives You more comfort (pleasure) I am willing to accept it, my love for You will not decrease. Such love is true love, rest is all business.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glory to Thee, O my Spiritual Master!

 जयति जय, जय सद्गुरु महाराज ।
छके युगल रस रास सरस जनु मूर्तिमान रसराज ।
बिनु कारण करुणाकार जाकर अस रसिकन सरताज ।
बरबस पतितन देत प्रेमरस अस रसिकन सरताज ।
डूबत आपु डुबावत जन कहँ प्रेमसिन्धु ब्रजराज ।
हौं कृपालु गुरु चरण शरण गहि भयो धन्य जग आज ॥

Glory to Thee, O my Spiritual Master!
You always relish the sweet nectar of the Divine  Maharaas Leela of Radha Krishna. You are yourself the embodiment of Divine Love.
You are causelessly merciful, which is your inherent nature.
Freely and forcefully, you distribute Divine Love even to the most fallen souls.  You are such an exhalted Rasik Saint.
You immerse yourself in Divine Bliss, and also drench your devotees in that nectar.  You are such an ocean of Divine Love.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “I am fortunate to reach the Lotus Feet of such a Guru.  I have become blessed in this world.”

Listen to this blissful keertan in Swamiji's melodious voice here:

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Internal Machinery Within Us-The Antahkaran!

It has been explained so far that Shyamsundar is the Soul of every soul and that the individual souls constitute the body of Shyamsundar.  Just as our material body constantly serves the soul by trying to give it happiness through every thought and action, similarly the individual soul is an eternal servant of God.  But since time immemorial, we have accepted the body to be the self, and therefore have been constantly trying to gratify the senses with material objects.  However, if we realize our true nature as eternal servants of Shree Krishna, there will be neither a delay in attaining Him, nor a need to practice further spiritual discipline.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Goal of a soul is service of God!

भक्ति शब्द्ध अर्थ सेवा गोविन्द राधे । 
हरि गुरु सेवा को ही भक्ति बता दे ॥
Meaning of bhakti (devotion) is sewa (service)
Service of Hari Guru (God and Guru) is the real bhakti.

Soul is the eternal servant of God. So, its ultimate goal is to serve its master-God. Shree Maharajji explains that God-realization can be attained only through devotion. And, service (sewa) of God and Guru is true devotion. So, sewa should be the goal of every soul before and after God-realization. When a soul goes to Shree Krishna's Divine abode after God-realization, it wishes and serves Him there also. Therefore, Shree Maharajji explains, "service is the meaning of devotion."
Listen to the full audio lecture here:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The bonded soul comes and goes from this world as a prisoner!

May 20th, 2010
मन ही है साधक गोविन्द राधे ।
याते रुपध्यान नित मन ते करा दे ॥
Devotion should be practiced by the mind
That is why always practice devotion from mind 

May 21st, 2010
अधिकारी हो या ना हो प्यारी कृपा करु जनु महतारी ।
सुत मारे गर्भ पग प्यारी सब मायें जाये बलिहारी ॥
Like a mother, Radharani showers Her grace on all irrespective of being worthy of it or not
When an unborn child kicks the mother from within, every mothers' joy find no limit

May 22nd, 2010
बद्ध बन्दी आये जाये गोविन्द राधे ।
मुक्त स्वेच्छा से आये जाये बता दे ॥
The bonded soul comes and goes from this world as a prisoner whereas the liberated soul comes and goes on his own

May 23rd, 2010
मेरी माता जानकी जू अरु कछु ना दे ।
अपने महल वाली टहल दिला दे ॥
O, mother Janaki! to give anything else or not is your decision but Please take me as your maid and provide me some service in your palace

प्रथम बोलो सिता नाम बाद में बोलो नाम राम
सिता रस पिये राम सिता पिये रस राम
सिता कहे भजु राम भज सिता कहे राम
First take Name of Sita then the Name of Ram
Sita drinks from the nectar of Ram and Ram drinks from Sita
Sita says chant Ram and Ram says chant Sita

May 26th, 2010
नरिसंह अवतार गोविन्द राधे ।
हरि सर्वव्यापक सिद्ध करा दे ॥
Descension of lord Narshimha proves the omnipresence of God.