Monday, June 14, 2010

Listen, O soul! you want only happiness!!

सुनहु साधक, सुनहु साधक, सुनहु साधक प्यारे ।
तुम चहत आनंद शाश्वत दिव्य चिन्मय प्यारे ।
Listen O spiritual aspirants!
(what do you want?) You want only one thing-unlimited happiness.

Shree Maharajji sings and explains self-written lines on what a soul wants and how will it attain what it has always wanted. These are unmatched verses from Shree Maharajji comprising all the philosophies.  In his own words, "there is nothing to know beyond these lines, if we understand them and practice them, we will gain our true goal-happiness."

Watch the video of the lecture here

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