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Self-desirous devotion of Shree Krishna is glorious in comparison to Selfless devotion of celestial gods!!

मन ही शुभाशुभ कर्म करे बामा ।
याते मन ते ही करो भक्ति आठु यामा ॥(31) 
Mind alone is the doer of pious and non-pious deeds.  Therefore, do constant devotion of Shyamaa Shyam only by mind.

मन ने ही बाँधा कर्मपाश कह बामा ।
काटे पाश मन ही शरण गहि श्यामा ॥ (32)
It is the mind alone which has trapped the soul in the web of karmas. When the soul which is bound in karmas, surrenders to Shyamaa, then the mind itself releases the soul from the bondage to the results of karmas.  

माना मन अति चंचल कह बामा ।
बार बार समझाओ मन तेरी श्यामा ॥ (33)
It is a fact that the mind is extremely fickle, however, if the mind is constantly trained to think that "Shyamaa alone is yours", then slowly, the mind will get detached from the world and get attached to Her.

तेरे हैं अनन्त पाप कह ब्रज बामा ।
याते धीरे धीरे मन भायेंगी श्यामा ॥ (34)
O Soul, your mind you have committed innumerable sins, therefore, your mind will be attracted towards Shyamaa gradually.

धीरे धीरे शिशु बने युवा कह बामा ।
ऐसे ही माँगो सदा देंगी प्रेम श्यामा ॥ (35)
Like a baby boy who becomes an adult slowly, similarly, plead for Divine love from Shyamaa and one day She will grant you that Divine love.

बीज चिरकाल में ही फल देगा बामा ।
ऐसे ही रोते रहो सुनो कभू श्यामा ॥ (36)
The farmer sows grains of various kinds as seeds in his farms.
However, a ceratin duration of time is required for the seeds to turn into ripe crops. Similarly, the devotional practices will also mature slowly. Therefore, without despairing, keep shedding tears for Shyamaa's grace and one day, the soul will surely be rewared with the grace.

मान लो पतित आपु कहँ कह बामा ।
बन ठन के जनि जाओ िढंग श्यामा ॥ (37)
If you accept yourself to be a sinner, your work will be complete.
Surrender yourself as you are without putting up a false facade.

मन में निराशा जनि लाओ कह बामा ।
आशा रखो एक दिन पिघलेंगी श्यामा ॥ (38)
Even by mistake, do not let despair overcome your mind. Have faith that one day Shyamaa will definitely accept you.

मेरी थीं मेरी हैं मेरी रहेंगी भी श्यामा ।
दृढ विश्वास रहे यह आठु यामा ॥(39)
Shyamaa was always mine, is mine and will always be mine. This belief should remain firm at all times.

जहाँ रहो मन ते कहो कह बामा ।
उर बैठी तेरे कर्म लिखें श्यामा ॥ (40)
Wherever you are, resolve in your mind that Shyamaa seated in your heart is noting all yous pious and non-pious deeds/thoughts.

पट्टी ना पढाओ जानि भोरी भारी श्यामा ।
तेरी करतूत देखें बैठी उर धामा ॥ (41)
Do not try to fool Shyamaa thinking that She is very innocent.
Shyamaa seated in your heart is witness to every single thought of yours.

आपू को इकलो न मानो कह बामा ।
सदा सर्वत्र तेरे साथ रहें श्यामा ॥ (42)
Do not think that you are alone even for a moment. Shyamaa is with you at all places and at all times.

प्रति जन्म नयी नयी मातु बनी बामा ।
बदली न तेरी कभु साँची मातु श्यामा ॥  (43)
The body keeps changing (birth and death). That is how in every birth we had different mothers. However, the mother of the soul, Shyamaa had always been one and will remain so.  

बार बार जग ते हटाओ मन बामा ।
बार बार श्याम में लगाओ आठु यामा ॥ (44)
Detaching our mind from the world and engaging the mind on Shyam is what we have to practice constantly.  

शब्द स्पर्श रुप रस गन्ध मन कामा ।
दूँगा दिव्य मन कहु चलु ढिग श्यामा ॥ (45)
Tell your mind that words, touch, form, taste and smell are what you desire, so, let us come close to Shyamaa where you will receive Divine Words, Touch, Form, Taste and Smell.  

मन को भरोसा दिलाओ आठु यामा ।
तेरे तो हैं परम हितैषी श्याम श्यामा ॥ (46)
Convince your mind that other than Shyamaa-Shyam, no one else is your well wisher.  

और द्वार जाओ न अनन्य बनो बामा ।
त्रिगुण त्रिताप त्रिकर्म काटें श्यामा ॥ (47)
Do not go to any other doorstep than Shyamaa.  Always be single-minded towards Her.  Only such single-minded devotion will cease the triguna, tritaap and trikarma.

मूर्ख कर्म करे स्वर्ग हित कह बामा ।
ज्ञानी मुक्ति धाम पाये। भक्त हरि धामा ॥ (48)
A foolish person performs action to obtains heavens.  The gyani gets liberated and goes to Muktidham.  However, bhakta obains the Divine abode of Hari.  

वेद धर्म पालन ते मिले स्वर्ग धामा ।
श्याम प्रेम ते ही मिले गोलोक बामा ॥ (49)
The heaven can be obtained by following the instructions (dos and don'ts) of vedas.
But it is only the devotees of Shri krishna, who will obtain the abode of Shyam-Golok.

िनंदनीय देवी देव भक्ति निष्कामा ।
वन्दनीय श्यामा श्याम भक्तिहूँ सकामा ॥ (50)
Self-desirous devotion of Shyamaa-Shyam is glorious in comparison to selfless devotion of celestial gods. 

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