Sunday, June 13, 2010

O, Shree Krishna! Always look upon me as Yours!!

अपनापन रखना मेरे घनश्याम ।
घडी घडी पल पल नाम तिहारो रटे मेरी रसना मेरे घनश्याम ।
लली लाल दोउ दै गरबाहीं हमारे हिये बसना मेरे घनश्याम ।
भाव िहंडोरे डारि हिये में झुलाउ नित झुलना मेरे घनश्याम ।
दै उपहार हार अँसुवन को बना लूँ तुझे अपना मेरे घनश्याम ।
कैसेहुँ करि कृपालु प्रभु अपनो पुरवो मम सपना मेरे घनश्याम ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)
My Shyamsunder! Always look upon me as Yours.
My sole desire is to sing Your glories each and every moment!
Dwell in my heart, o Radha and Krishna, with arms around one another.
I will rock You both gently on the swing of loving feelings in my heart.
By presenting to You a garland of tears, I will make You mine for ever.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “O Shyamsunder! No matter how, please make this dream of mine come true.”

Listen to this keertan in Swamiji's melodious voice here:

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  1. Shree Maharajji's Kirtans are truly soul-soothing. Swamiji's deep and meditative nad heals my soul!

    Thanks for sharing!