Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prem Mandir!

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj's gift of Divine Love-Prem Mandir is at its last stage of completion.  Dates for its grand inauguration have been fixed for 24th, 25th & 26th November, 2010. 
Apart from being the biggest temple in entire Braj Mandal and most beautiful one too, Prem Mandir stands as a witness and symbol of Divine Love.  Every inch of the temple oozes out the nectarous Bliss of Divine Love.  Interior of the temple is embedded with the selected verses of Shree Maharajji.  These verses will be source of inspiration and knowledge for the coming generations.  The exterior of the temple depicts the beautiful pastimes of Shree Radha Krishna.  The temple standing tall at the heart of Braj, will guide a soul towards attaining the Bliss of Divine Love, for thousands of years to come.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guru Poornima Glimpses!

Guru Poornima was celebrated at Rangeeli Mahal, Barsana with the Supreme Guru-Shree Maharajji

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Guru's wish is my wish!

जहाँ जब रहो सोचो सदा उर धामा ।
मन की करतूत सारी लिखें नित श्यामा । 71
Wherever you are, always remember that Shyamaa who resides inside you is taking note of each and every thought of yours.

जानने मात्र ते ना बने कछु कामा ।
जानो पुनि मानो पुनि जाहु शरण श्यामा । 72
Only by knowing (reading Shashtras) will not help.  One should surrender to Shyamaa after knowing.

राधा नाम-रुप-गुण-लीला-जन-धामा ।
याही में लगाओ मन भाव निष्कामा । 73
Attach your mind to Shree Radha's Name, Form, Virtues, Pastimes, Saints and Abode.  But while doing so the feeling should be selfless. 

श्यामा श्याम नाम रुप लीला गुण धामा ।
जेहि ग्रन्थ ना हो वाय करो परनामा । 74
Avoid such books which do not mention of Shyama Shyam's Name, Form, Virtues, Pastimes and abode. 

वेद ब्रम्ह वाणी ही है करो परनामा ।
किन्तु दूर ते ही निहं लीला श्याम श्यामा । 75
Though Vedas are God's own words, it does not describe the Divine Pastimes of Shyama Shyam.  It only talks of formless Bramha. So, avoid Vedas too.

वेद कहें निर्गुण ब्रम्ह सुख धामा ।
याको अर्थ माया गुण हीन कह बामा । 76
Vedas says the Blissful God is without and Virtues.  But with virtues, it meant virtues that are under maya. 

ब्रम्ह हैं सगुण याको अर्थ कह बामा ।
दिव्य गुणयुक्त श्याम हैं पूर्ण कामा । 77
Again, it says Bramha is with Virtues.  That means God is full of Divine Virtues like mercy etc.

ब्रम्ह है अकाय याको अर्थ कह बामा ।
श्यामा श्याम काय तो है चिदानन्द धामा । 78
Vedas says Bramha has no body, which means Shyama Shyam do not have body made of five elements.  Shyama Shyam's body is not different from Their Soul.

जीव की है प्राकृत दृष्टि कह बामा ।
गुरु दिव्य दृष्टि दे दिखा दे श्याम श्यामा ॥ 79
Soul has material eyes so it cannot see Divine Shyama Shyam.  But Guru has the capability to grant soul Divine vision.

गुरु ही है ब्रम्हा विष्णु शिव कह बामा ।
गुरु ब्रम्ह भी है जो मिला दे श्याम श्यामा । 80
Guru is Bramhaa, Vishnu and Shiv.  Guru is such personality who can take a soul to Shyama Shyam.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

O my mind! This golden chance is passing away

अरे मन ! अवसर बीत्यो जात ।
काल-कवल वश विधि हरि हर सब तोरी कहा बिसात ।
लहि पारस नर-तनु सुर-दुर्लभ गुंजन-हित भटकात ।
बधिर अन्ध जिमि सुनत न देखत रहत विषय मदमात ।
अब करिहौं अब करिहौं इमि कहि रहि जैहों पछितात ।
होत कृपालु प्रलय पल महँ तू केहि बल पर इतरात ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)

O my mind! This golden chance is passing away.
Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are under the influence of time, then where do you stand?
Having received  this priceless human body which is desired even by the celestial gods, why are you wasting it in worldly pleasures.
Like a deaf and blind person, you neither listen to Saints nor understand the reality of the material world, and remain infatuated in the pleasures of the senses.
“Now I will do, now I will start doing devotion”, saying in this manner, you keep on postponing, for which you will have to repent.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “Within a fraction of a second, annihilation takes place, then on what basis are you overconfident?”

Listen to this keertan in Swamiji's voice here:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Importance of human life!

Yaksha asked Yudhisthir, "what is the biggest wonder of the entire creation?"
Yudhisthir replied, "Everybody in this world has seen people die, they even attend funeral services. Still, no realizes that one day even I have to die. No one gets aware of the fact that death comes without any signal. All think and act as if they are immortal and only others will have to die. This ignorance is the biggest wonder of the creation."
Death is an inevitable fact of life, but what is life and, most of all, what is the importance of this life? Listen to Shree Maharajji on the topic of "Importance of human life". Here he answers the basic questions of who are we, what is the purpose of this life, why are we here and most important of all-what is the importance of this life. 

Listen to the audio of the lecture by Shree Maharajji on "Importance of Human Life" Here:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Lover, the Beloved and the Divine Love!

There are three entities: the lover, the Beloved and love.  That which unites the lover and the Beloved, is called love.  In other words, love is the intimate union of the lover and the Beloved.  You know the meaning of the word ‘lover.’  And the ‘Beloved’ is he towards whom love is directed. 
            You may be thinking, “I have always known this because I have loved countless mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives and children in infinite lives.”  But no, you have never known what love is.  You have never accepted the definition of love, nor have you ever loved anyone.  If you think you have, you are mistaken.  There is neither any lover nor any Beloved in the world, and as long as one is under maya, it is not possible to be either, even if one endeavors for countless lifetimes.  Why?  Because the definition of the word “Beloved” is so profound that it cannot apply to anyone in the material world.  “Beloved” means “one who is a treasure-house of Divine love,” and the person who begs for this love from the “Beloved,” is the “lover.”  No one who is under the control of maya, not even Indra, the king of heaven, possesses true love.  Seeing that no one is worthy of becoming the Beloved, who will then become the lover?  And if someone does become a lover, without a proper Beloved, what will one gain?  You can only gain from a person what he himself possesses.  You can acquire wisdom only from the wise.  You can gain wealth only from the wealthy.  If someone has no wealth, what can you get from him, even if  he gives all that he has?  You can hope all you want, but all that worldly people have to offer is broken begging bowls.  They are beggars themselves, devoid of love, even if they hold such exalted positions as those of Indra, Kuber, Varun, and Yamraj.  What then to speak of ordinary human beings!  The celestial gods may have extraordinary powers compared to humans, but they do not possess love.  And it is love that our soul is craving.  How then can we get it from material personalities, even if they wish to bestow it upon us?
However, the entire world is bent on deception.  Everyone claims to be the “Beloved.”  Whether it is mother and son, husband and wife, or some other mutual relationship, everyone is bent on deceiving the other by taking on the mantle of “Beloved.”  But, without possessing love, no one can occupy the seat of “Beloved.”  Then what can you gain by becoming the “lover” of such a false “Beloved?”  Since eternal time, we have taken countless births in the 8.4 million species of life, and have been begging for love and love alone.  We have begged for it from mother, father, husband, wife and children.  Everyone has said, “Here, take it from me.  I have a storehouse of love for you.”  But, they do not even know what love is, what to speak of possessing it.
This treasure called “love,” is the property only of Saints.  By Saints, I mean those who have received the power called “love” from some “lover” of God.  God does not transmit this power directly.  Pay close attention to this point.  From where can you get love?  The Divine Beloved does not bestow love Himself.  Radha and Krishna are the treasuries of love, but they do not distribute it themselves.  It is given by the lovers of God.  No individual soul can have direct contact with Radha-Krishna.  It is impossible.  Only a rasik Saint can bestow it upon a surrendered soul.  Then this soul, in turn, bestows it upon other surrendered souls. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Do not ask for anything from God and Guru. Love Them selflessly!

निन्दनीय श्यामा श्याम प्रेम भी सकामा ।
वन्दनीय श्यामा श्याम प्रेम निष्कामा ॥ 51
Self-desirous love for Shyamaa Shyam is also condemnable in comparison to selfless love towards Them.

हरि गुरु ते न कछु माँगो ब्रज बामा ।
दोनों ते सदा करो प्रेम निष्कामा ॥ 52
Do not ask for anything from God and Guru.  Love Them selflessly.

विष कीडा विष रस माँगे आठु यामा ।
मन माँगे विषयन निहं माँगे श्यामा ॥ 53
Like a poison eating insect always looks for and is satisfied with poison, our mind which is used to of sensory pleasure will not ask for Divine love of Shyamaa (initially).

भुक्ति माँगे मूढ जन मिटै निहं कामा ।
मुक्ति माँगे महामूढ कहें ब्रज बामा ॥ 54
Foolish people ask for sensory achievements and greater fools asks for salvation (because once you attain salvation there is no chance of attaining Divine love).

माँगना हो तो माँगो सेवा श्याम श्यामा ।
सेवा हित पुनि माँगो प्रेम निष्कामा ॥ 55
Still, if you want to ask, ask for Their service and for that service again ask for Their selfless love.

झूठे ही बुलावें लोग आओ उर श्यामा ।
कहाँ आवें नातेदार बैठे उरधामा ॥ 56
People call-out for Shyamaa  but without actually meaning it.  How would Shyamaa come when you have filled your heart with all your worldly relatives? 

डेरा डारे नातेदार बैठे उरधामा ।
उनको निकालो तो मैं आउष कह श्यामा ॥ 57
If you really want Shyamaa to come, first throw out your (worldly) relatives out of your heart.

उर में बिठाना चाहो जग संग श्यामा ।
अंधकार रवि कभु रहे एक ठामा ॥ 58
You want to place Shyamaa and your worldly relatives (desires), both in same place.  (Think) how could light and darkness co-exist in same place?

संसारी नर नारी में आठु यामा ।
भगवद् भाव निहं सदा रहे बामा ॥ 59
No one keep Divine feeling towards worldly male-female all the time.

जाको होवे प्रेम जासों मृत्युलोक धामा ।
मृत्यु के बाद उसे वही मिले बामा 60
While in this world (alive) with whoever you attach our mind, you will attain (follow) the same after death also

Sunday, July 4, 2010

O Lord of destitute! Why have You forsaken me?

दीनानाथ मोिहं काहे बिसारे,
हमरििहं बार मौन कस धारे ।
नाथ अगति के गति अनाथ हम ,
कहहु कौन गति मोरि विचारे ।
 गणिका गीध अजामिल आदिक ,
सुनत अमित पतितन तुम प्यारे ।
इन सम अगनित पतित रोम प्रति,
वारत पतित विरद रखवारे ।
 दंभ कोटि शत कालनेमि सम,
कोटिन रावन सम मद धारे ।
 लाजहुँ जासु लजाति अधम अस,
हैं न हुये न तु ह्वैहैं भारे ।
 कौन मुख 'कृपालु' प्रभु सन कछु,
कहिय नाथ अब हाथ तिहारे ॥ 
(Prem Ras Madira)

O Lord of destitute!  Why have You forsaken me?  When it came my time to receive grace, why have You suddenly become silent?

Merciful Lord! You are the shelter of the helpless, and I am an orphan.  What have You thought about me?

I have heard that Ganika (a courtesan), Geedh (a vulture) and Ajamil (a fallen soul) were very dear to You.

I am so fallen that countless Ganikas, Geedhs and Ajamils can be sacrificed on each and every pore of my being.

My hypocrisy equals that of millions of Kalnemis and in pride I equal countless Ravans.

Shame itself is put to shame looking at my sins. There can be no worse sinner than me in the past, present or the future.

O Lord of ‘Kripalu’!  What can I say to You?  Everything is in Your hands now.  Accept me or reject me.

Listen to the audio of this padh in Swamiji's beautiful voice here:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

All are mad in this world!

Shree Mharajji declares that all are mad in this world.  There is no discrimination in it, everybody from a simple soul to the God-realized saints, everybody is mad.  However there are two types of mad men:
1. Those who are mad for happiness
2. Those who are mad in happiness
Everybody in this universe wants happiness.  All their actions are directed towards getting that happiness.  People under maya's influence are mad after looking for that happiness.  They want happiness, but couldn't find it till date, that is why they are mad.
And those (God-realized saints) who have found that happiness, are mad in it.  When we get happiness, even if it is of small amount, we become mad in happiness.  The saints who have attained the (source of) true happiness itself-God will obviously be mad in it.
Shree Maharajji further says, this world is a mental asylum of God and all kinds of mad man reside in it. 

Listen to the audio of this very powerful lecture here: