Thursday, July 1, 2010

All are mad in this world!

Shree Mharajji declares that all are mad in this world.  There is no discrimination in it, everybody from a simple soul to the God-realized saints, everybody is mad.  However there are two types of mad men:
1. Those who are mad for happiness
2. Those who are mad in happiness
Everybody in this universe wants happiness.  All their actions are directed towards getting that happiness.  People under maya's influence are mad after looking for that happiness.  They want happiness, but couldn't find it till date, that is why they are mad.
And those (God-realized saints) who have found that happiness, are mad in it.  When we get happiness, even if it is of small amount, we become mad in happiness.  The saints who have attained the (source of) true happiness itself-God will obviously be mad in it.
Shree Maharajji further says, this world is a mental asylum of God and all kinds of mad man reside in it. 

Listen to the audio of this very powerful lecture here:

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