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Do not ask for anything from God and Guru. Love Them selflessly!

निन्दनीय श्यामा श्याम प्रेम भी सकामा ।
वन्दनीय श्यामा श्याम प्रेम निष्कामा ॥ 51
Self-desirous love for Shyamaa Shyam is also condemnable in comparison to selfless love towards Them.

हरि गुरु ते न कछु माँगो ब्रज बामा ।
दोनों ते सदा करो प्रेम निष्कामा ॥ 52
Do not ask for anything from God and Guru.  Love Them selflessly.

विष कीडा विष रस माँगे आठु यामा ।
मन माँगे विषयन निहं माँगे श्यामा ॥ 53
Like a poison eating insect always looks for and is satisfied with poison, our mind which is used to of sensory pleasure will not ask for Divine love of Shyamaa (initially).

भुक्ति माँगे मूढ जन मिटै निहं कामा ।
मुक्ति माँगे महामूढ कहें ब्रज बामा ॥ 54
Foolish people ask for sensory achievements and greater fools asks for salvation (because once you attain salvation there is no chance of attaining Divine love).

माँगना हो तो माँगो सेवा श्याम श्यामा ।
सेवा हित पुनि माँगो प्रेम निष्कामा ॥ 55
Still, if you want to ask, ask for Their service and for that service again ask for Their selfless love.

झूठे ही बुलावें लोग आओ उर श्यामा ।
कहाँ आवें नातेदार बैठे उरधामा ॥ 56
People call-out for Shyamaa  but without actually meaning it.  How would Shyamaa come when you have filled your heart with all your worldly relatives? 

डेरा डारे नातेदार बैठे उरधामा ।
उनको निकालो तो मैं आउष कह श्यामा ॥ 57
If you really want Shyamaa to come, first throw out your (worldly) relatives out of your heart.

उर में बिठाना चाहो जग संग श्यामा ।
अंधकार रवि कभु रहे एक ठामा ॥ 58
You want to place Shyamaa and your worldly relatives (desires), both in same place.  (Think) how could light and darkness co-exist in same place?

संसारी नर नारी में आठु यामा ।
भगवद् भाव निहं सदा रहे बामा ॥ 59
No one keep Divine feeling towards worldly male-female all the time.

जाको होवे प्रेम जासों मृत्युलोक धामा ।
मृत्यु के बाद उसे वही मिले बामा 60
While in this world (alive) with whoever you attach our mind, you will attain (follow) the same after death also
याते मायाबद्ध ते न प्यार करो बामा ।
हरि गुरु ते ही प्यार करो आठु यामा ॥ 61
That is why, do not love those under maya's influence.  Love only Hari and Guru.

भोरे बनि आओ क्योकि भोरीभारी श्यामा ।
भोरीभारी को पि्रय भोरा उरधामा ॥ 62
Discard all deceits and go to Shyamaa with simple heart because the simple Shyamaa accepts only simple souls.

जल बिनु मीन ज्यों विकल कह बामा ।
वेसै मन व्याकुल हो जाय बिनु श्यामा ॥ 63
Like a fish struggles for life when kept out of water, develop similar longing for the Love of Shyamaa.

रहा निहं जाय जब मिले बिनु श्यामा ।
तब जानो प्रेमबीज जामा उरधामा ॥ 64
When you feel that now you cannot live without Shyamaa, understand that the seed of Divine love has been sowed in your heart.

ऐसी चाह पैदा करो निज उरधामा ।
जैसे करे दीप ते पतंग कह बामा ॥ 65
Your longing for Shyamaa should be like that of a phoenix  for a lamp (light).  Phoenix is so much in awe of lamp that it cannot resist itself from moving so close to the lamp that ultimately it burns itself to death.

ऐसा करे मन प्रेम चरनन श्यामा ।
जैसा करे मधुप कमल सों बामा ॥ 66
Your heart should be attached to Shyamaa's Lotus-feet like a bee is attached to the lotus.

पहले लगाओ बार बार मन श्यामा ।
फिर आपु लगने लगेगा कह बामा ॥ 67
First, exercise to fix your mind on Shyamaa.  Later, it will automatically will get fixed There.
अभ्यास ते ही मन लगे कह बामा ।
बार बार रुपध्याजन करो आठु यामा ॥ 68
Constant exercise is the only way to fix your mind on Shyamaa.  Keep on meditating on the Divine form of Shyamaa Shyam whole day long.

रसिकों ने समझाया कह ब्रजबामा ।
आत्मा की आत्मा की आत्मा हैं श्यामा ॥ 69
The rasik saints have told you many times that Shyamaa is the soul of your soul's (Shyamsundar) soul.

श्यामा को भूलो जनि कभू आठू यामा ।
उनते भी कहो भूलें जनि तोिहं श्यामा ॥ 70
Keep on remembering Shyamaa and pray to Her also to keep you in Her focus (Grace you).

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