Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Importance of human life!

Yaksha asked Yudhisthir, "what is the biggest wonder of the entire creation?"
Yudhisthir replied, "Everybody in this world has seen people die, they even attend funeral services. Still, no realizes that one day even I have to die. No one gets aware of the fact that death comes without any signal. All think and act as if they are immortal and only others will have to die. This ignorance is the biggest wonder of the creation."
Death is an inevitable fact of life, but what is life and, most of all, what is the importance of this life? Listen to Shree Maharajji on the topic of "Importance of human life". Here he answers the basic questions of who are we, what is the purpose of this life, why are we here and most important of all-what is the importance of this life. 

Listen to the audio of the lecture by Shree Maharajji on "Importance of Human Life" Here:

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