Monday, December 13, 2010

Is asking for uncoditional love of God bad?

श्याम मोहि देहु प्रेम निष्काम ।
इंद्रहुँ संपति लहि इन इंदि्रन मिटत न कैसेहूँ काम ।
मन अति चपल चपलताहूँ ते चलत रहत बसुयाम ।
हौं हरायों समुझाय विविध विधि नहि मानत गति बाम ।
रसिकन कही मानि अब तुम्हरी शरण गही घनश्याम ।
ब्रज रह देहु पिलाय 'कृपालिहंु' भटकत थकि गय पाम ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)

In this padh, a soul is asking Shree Krishna for His unconditional love.  It is said that we shouldn't ask for anything from God, but why we are asking for His love?  Is asking for unconditional love of God bad? Swamiji explains the intriguing philosophy.
Listen to the explanation, here:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My hypocrisy equals that of millions of Kalnemis and in pride I equal countless Ravans!

दीनानाथ मोिहं काहे बिसारे ।
हमरििहं बार मौन कस धारे ।
O Lord of destitute! Why have You forsaken me? When it came my time to receive grace, why have You suddenly become silent?

नाथ ! अगति के गति अनाथ हम,
कहहु कौन गति मोरि विचारे ।
Merciful Lord! You are the shelter of the helpless, and I am an orphan. What have You thought about me?

गणिका गीध अजामिल आदिक,
सुनत अमित पतितन तुम प्यारे ।
I have heard that sinners like Ganika (a courtesan), Geedh (a vulture) and Ajamil (a fallen soul) were very dear to You.

इन सम अगनित पतित रोम प्रति,
वारत पतित विरद रखवारे ।
I am so fallen that countless Ganikas, Geedhs and Ajamils can be sacrificed on each and every pore of my being.

दंभ कोति शत कालनेमि सम,
कोटिन रावन सम मद धारे ।
My hypocrisy equals that of millions of Kalnemis and in pride I equal countless Ravans.

लाजहुँ जासु लजाति अधम अस,
हैं न हुये न तु ह्वैहैं भारे ।
Shame itself is put to shame looking at my sins. There can be no worse sinner than me in the past, present or the future.

कौने मुख 'कृपालु' प्रभु सन कछु,
कहिय नाथ अब हाथ तिहारे ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)
O Lord of ‘Kripalu’! What can I say to You? Everything is in Your hands now. Accept me or reject me.

Listen to this keertan in Swamiji's voice, here:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glimpses of Shree Maharajji's Tour of Dwarika in January 2009!

जेहि डर डरपती काल करोर,
सोई बनी गयो द्वारिका राजा रणछोर ।

Friday, December 3, 2010

O Shree Krishna listen to my humble cry!

कब मिलिहौ नंद कुमार, तुम मातु पिता भरतार ।
यह कह तेरी श्रुति चार, अब सुन लो मोर पुकार ॥
तव अगनित जन सरकार, हमरे इक तुम आधार ।
दुख पाये विविध प्रकार, अब सुन लो मोर पुकार ॥
लख चौरासी तनु धार, जनमेउ जग बारंबार ।
रह देखत तुम सरकार, अब सुन लो मोर पुकार ॥
तव माया तो सरकार, बहिरंगा शक्ति तिहार ।
सब जगिहं नचावन हार, अब सुन लो मोर पुकार ॥
माया तव बल सरकार, ब्रम्हादि नचावन हार ।
का शक्ति 'कृपालु' हमार, अब सुन लो मोर पुकार ॥
(युगल शतक)
A devotee humbly asks Shree Krishna, “ O Nandakimar Krishna, when will I meet you? All the four Vedas tell that You are my mother, father and Beloved.  When will that day come when I will see You? Please listen to my humble cry.
O Shree Krishna, You have uncountable Divine associates but You alone are my only refuge.  I have suffered all kinds of pain in this world.  Please listen to my cry.
You have been quietly watching me taking birth after birth in this world in unncountable species.  Now at least listen to my cry.
Your maya is bahiranga shakti (lifeless, external and amazing power).  All the souls and gods and goddesses dance to its tune.  Please listen to my humble cry for You.
Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj says in the words of a devotee-O shree Krishna, maya is Your personal power.  What can a soul do when even  Bramha and other great gods remain under its influence? So, O my beloved Krishna, please listen to my humble cry (and Grace me with Your love).”