Monday, May 31, 2010

Simply chanting Names will not lead us to our goal!

श्यामा रटें श्याम श्याम श्याम रटें श्यामा ।
श्यामा श्याम आठु याम रटें ब्रजबामा ॥(1)
Shree Radha (Shyamaa) chants Shyam, Shyam and Shree Krishna (Shyam) chants Shyamaa, Shyamaa . Gopis of Braj chants both- Shyamaa and Shyam. 

मनमानी तजु भज श्याम अरु श्यामा ।
जाने कब तनु छिन जाय कह बामा ॥(2)
Give up carelessness and remember Shyamaa and Shyam every moment. No one knows when death will snatch this human form from you.

मैं मैं मैं मैं काहे करे मूढ आठु यामा ।
अज जानि काल वृक भेजे यम धामा ॥(3)
O, fool! why do you keep saying "Main(I)", "Main(I)" like a goat, the wolf in the form of death is preparing to send you to the abode of Yama.

भुक्ति मुक्ति सुख सुख बैकुण्ठ धामा ।
तजु काम एक नाम रटु श्याम श्यामा ॥(4)
Chant the Names of Shyamaa Shyam alone, discarding all material desires up to the abode of Brahma, liberation and even for the opulence of Vaikuntha.

शुक के समान जनि रटु श्याम श्यामा ।
बक के समान ध्यान करु कह बामा ॥(5)
Just saying "Shyamaa" "Shyam" with tongue alone like a parrot without attaching your mind to the form of Radha Krishna will not do. Concentrating on Their Divine form like a crane is essential.
रसना की भक्ति ते ना बने कछु कामा ।
शून्य का करोड गुना शून्य आवे बामा ॥(6)
Devotion merely by the senses such as tongue will not lead you to the real goal.  It is similar to multiplying zero with a billion where the result will always be zero. 

देह सम कीर्तन नाम गुन धामा ।
प्रान समान रुप-ध्यान श्याम श्यामा ॥(7)
Singing the Names of the Lord, His pastimes and qualities is like body. By fixing mind on the Form of Shyamaa Shyam while singing Their glory is like infusing soul in that body.  

श्यामा श्याम नाम जपो चाहे आठु यामा ।
बिना प्रेम रीझें निहं कभू श्याम श्यामा ॥(8)

Shyamaa Shyam can be pleased only by chanting Their Names with love.
Without love, taking their Names for whole day and night is of no use.

प्रेम ही है सब साधन परिणामा ।
प्रेम में भी भान रहे सदा निष्कामा ॥(9)
Love alone is the outcome of all devotional endeavors.
Also, one needs to ensure that this love is without any demand. It should be unconditional.

रिद्धि मिले सिद्धि मिलें मिलें मोक्षधामा ।
सब हैं अज्ञान ज्ञान प्रेम श्याम श्यामा ॥(10)
Acquisition of material opulence and even liberation is nothing but ignorance. Real knowledge is to know Shyamaa Shyam.  Only by knowing Them we can attain Them.

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