Saturday, May 29, 2010

O Mind! Contemplate upon the Divine Beloved Shree Krishna

धरु नन्दनन्दन को ध्यान रे ।
जाको ध्यान धरत निशिवासर विधि हरि हर भगवान रे ।
मोर मुकुट लकुटि लिपटी पट लजवति भृकुटि कमान रे ।
चँचल नयन दृगंचल चँचल अँचल पट फहरान रे ।
गति मदमत्त गयंद लजावनि मंद मंद मुसकान रे ।
विहरत नित कृपालु वृन्दावन रति रस चतुर सुजान रे ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)

Contemplate, o mind, upon the Divine Beloved Krishna, the Son of Nand Maharaj.

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Bhagvan Shankar joyfully contemplate upon the same blissful Lord, day and night.

He wears a charming crown ornamented with peacock plumes, and a golden cow-herding staff is present by His side, draped in dazzling silky yellow cloth. His curvaceous and alluring eyebrows are defying the beauty of even a perfectly-created bow.

His restless lotus eyes are darting sidelong glances upon the blessed souls, and His elegantly flying peetambar, the lovely yellow silky garment is flying mischeviously in the wind.

With a tender bewitching smile upon His seductive lips, He is walking gracefully, putting to shame the intoxicated walk of a maddened young royal elephant.

Says Shree ‘Kripalu,’ “O my mind! Meditate upon the Lord of sweetness, the connoisseur of Divine Passions, expertly frolicking ever in the sacred bowers of Vrindavan.”

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