Thursday, June 10, 2010

All the opulence or power of the Lord is present in his name and abode!

प्रेम के अधिन श्याम नाम ते न कामा ।
लाला लाला कहें नित यशुमति भामा ॥ (11)
Shyamsundar is always subservient under devotee's love. There is no such condition that He needs to be called by a specific name.
Yashoda would just call Him as Lala, Lala.

नाम चाहे जो लो करो प्रेम सुखधामा ।
सखा कहें कनुआ लगँर कहें बामा ॥ (12)
Love is the prime element while calling out His Name. The cowherd boys called their friend "Kanua" (blacky).
Gopis call Shyamsundar as "Langar" (flirt).

नाम के समान ही हैं नाम अरु धामा ।
रो के पुकारो जो तो कहें ब्रज बामा ॥ (13)
All the opulence or power of the Lord is present in His Name and Abode. If a soul believes in this 100% and calls the Lord shedding tears, the Lord comes running.

विधि हरि हर सुर मिलि एक ठामा ।
रो के पुकारा हरि आए तजि धामा ॥ (14)
When the demoniac  forces increased their grip on the mother earth, then the celestial gods met at a place and cried out to the Lord with their prayers. At that time, the omnipotent Lord appeared before the celestial gods, leaving His Abode. 

शरणागत हाथ बिके श्याम अरु श्यामा ।
औरों की लिखा पढी करें उर धामा ॥ (15)
Shyam and Shyamaa gets sold out of Their devotee's hand.  
Whereas, for others, They sit in their heart and keep an account of all their actions. 

समदर्शिनी बनि रहें उर श्यामा ।
जो जैसा करे वैसा फल पाये बामा ॥ (16)
Shyamaa (Shree Radha) sits within all soul but is unbiased towards anyone .
The souls experiences joy or suffering based on its own actions.

पूर्व जन्म कर्म नािहं जाने कोउ बामा ।
जाने और बिना कहे फल देवें श्यामा ॥ (17)
No one knows the actions of their previous lives.  Shree Radha knows them and grants fruits accordingly without asking.

जो मन बुद्धि दै के भजे आठु यामा ।
वाकी सँभार करें शिशु जनु श्यामा ॥ (18)
For a soul who has surrendered the mind and intellect and chants Lord's Name all the time, Shyamaa becomes the caretaker as a mother to a child.

भक्तों का योगक्षेम वहन करें श्याम ।
पतितों का पाप लिखें बैठि उर धामा ॥ (19)
Shyamaa, seated in the hearts of the devotees provides what the soul desires and preserves what the soul possesses. However, seated in the hearts of the sinners, She keeps an account of their sinful actions.

सब तजि जोइ भज श्याम अरु श्यामा ।
श्यामा श्याम भी भजें वाको आठु यामा ॥ (20)
Those having abandoned their dependence on any other support and performing exclusive devotion considering Shyamaa Shyam as the only shelter, constantly remember them, Shyamaa Shyam also remembers such souls constantly. 

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