Friday, June 4, 2010

Goal of a soul is service of God!

भक्ति शब्द्ध अर्थ सेवा गोविन्द राधे । 
हरि गुरु सेवा को ही भक्ति बता दे ॥
Meaning of bhakti (devotion) is sewa (service)
Service of Hari Guru (God and Guru) is the real bhakti.

Soul is the eternal servant of God. So, its ultimate goal is to serve its master-God. Shree Maharajji explains that God-realization can be attained only through devotion. And, service (sewa) of God and Guru is true devotion. So, sewa should be the goal of every soul before and after God-realization. When a soul goes to Shree Krishna's Divine abode after God-realization, it wishes and serves Him there also. Therefore, Shree Maharajji explains, "service is the meaning of devotion."
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  1. Yes, our soul is God’s servant. Once a soul realizes God and his grace upon us, it should start serving him from that particular moment. One never knows when the time is up and has to bid good bye to this life. Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj says serve the God and the Guru every moment believing the fact that he is our MASTER and we are his SLAVES.