Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eternal battle between God and mind!

तुम ही मान लो हार, श्याम अब ।
A devotee is asking Shree Krishna, "O Shyamsundar, please accept defeat."  Defeat in what and why Lord Krishna who is all-victorious should accept defeat from whom? 

Shree Maharjji says, "There is a eternal war going on.  The war is internal family dispute.  In the family there is God and there is His servant maya's son (mann/mind) and there also is God's son (jeev/soul).  The battle is between God and mann.  What is this battle for?  God is saying, "surrender to Me" and Mann is saying, "first Grace me, then I'll surrender".  This is the main cause of battle.  So a devotee is pleading to God, "Hey, Shree Krishna, this mind of mine is ignorant it'll not surrender.  But, since you are causelessly graceful, please grace me."
Shree Maharajji, beautifully sings and explains this eternal battle in a self-written padh-"Tum Hi Maan Lo Haar, Shyam Ab".  

Please watch the lecture series below.  

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