Thursday, August 26, 2010

Radha Krishna fights for each other's pleasure!

 आजु दोउ, झूलन महँ झगरे ।
जब ह्वै गयो श्रृंगार सबै विधि, झूलन कदम परे ।
तब प्यारी प्रीतम सोँ इमि कह, वचन गुमान भरे ।
'तुम झूलो या हम झूलेँ, निहं, दोउ इक संग सरे' ।
पिवु कह 'दोउ इक सँग झूलेँ या, रह दोउ सँग खरे'।
कह 'कृपालु' दोउ एकिहं तब का, आपुिहं आपु लरे ॥
(Prem Ras Madir)

(Extract from explanation of above padh by Shree Maharajji)
Radha-Krishna's love for each other is very interesting.  Both want to give pleasure to the other.  So that is why the fight arises.  Just like when two people are standing in front of a car and one says ‘first you’ and the other says ‘no, first you’. So a fight arises.  So that is the kind of fight of Radha-Krishna.  So what is the fight in this Jhulan leela. 
The gopis, they made all kinds of arrangements, they decorated the Jhula on the bank of the Yamuna by a tree and they decorated it very nicely and once the arrangements were completed they invited Radha and Krishna to come there.  So Radha Krishna reached there but then Radha Ji thought that Shri Krishna gets pleasure in serving me so She said that today I will sit on the Jhula (swing) and Shyamsundar will push me.  At the same moment Shri Krishna thought that Radha Ji gets pleasure in my service so let me give Her my service today.  So He said, today I will sit on the swing and Radha Ji will push.  So now the fight started.   
Radha and Krishna, both, were not willing to concede.  So all the arrangements that had been made, the whole leela stopped there.  The gopis were trying to convince them to agree to the other person but neither of them is agreeing.  Shri |Krishna is saying that I will sit on the swing and Radha will swing me and Shri Radha is saying, no I will sit on the swing and Krishna will swing me.  So this fight has arisen for the sake of the others happiness.   
Now if one sees this fight – they are fighting all day long from morning to evening – it appears very strange.  That these kinds of fights take place in the world between, worldly father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband – they fight like this ‘I will do this’ – “no I will do this!” – and in Golok, Shri Krishna’s Divine Abode also such fights are taking place.  How is that, is that Golok also like our material world.  So Maharaj Ji says ‘no there is an internal secret to it – the fights in the world are the cause of sorrow and misery and those fights in Golok have got Divine Ras, Divine Bliss in them, which is experienced in that fight – fighting for seva so the things that we see in this world, anger, greed, envy – these defects which we see in worldly personalities; these defects exist even in Golok, in the God realised saints in the gopis – they also have anger, they also have greed but the difference is that the defects in them are Divine.  They are not for their own happiness.  They are for the sake of Shri Krishna’s seva.   
So those defects have got divine ras in them – Divine bliss.  Externally if you see, the activity will be the same – someone is getting angry and fighting in the world – someone is getting angry and fighting there (in Golok), someone is showing greed in the world and someone is showing greed out there (Golok).  But the difference is internal.  In the world these defects are due to maya and in Golok these defects and due to yogmaya.  So in the world these defects result in unlimited sorrow and misery.  And in Golok these same actions result in unlimited divine bliss. So the area of the two are different although the activity is the same.   
Just like we cry for worldly relations – if your father passes away you cry.  In the same way the gopis also cry for Shri Krishna.  Now the activity of crying is the same but the experience is completely different.  In India there is a very famous love, worldly love its called ‘Laila Mujnu’ – there was a couple called Laila Mujnu – it is folk lore about how tremendous their love was for each other and finally they committed suicide for each other. So it is famous, people say ‘oh you love each other like Laila Mujnu.  So Maharaj Ji says that if you see Meera bai’s love for Shri Krishna, you will say she is also like Laila Mujnu.  But Maharaj Ji says, no, externally it may appear to be like that.  The saints also have a body like us, they also talk, hear, taste, touch etc., they also love like us, but the area is different.  In worldly love the object is material and in divine love the object is divine.  So because the object of our love is divine, that is why we get a divine result.  Our mind becomes purified by loving a divine object.  Just like if you have a dirty cloth and you wash it in dirty water, it gets dirtier, and if you wash the cloth in clean water it starts getting cleansed. 
So here this fight was going on for the sake of each other’s happiness and the gopis were trying to convince both yugala sarkara, but neither Shri Radha nor Shri Krishna were listening.  Then finally when there was no solution in sight then Kripalu Ji Maharaj came there.  So Maharaj Ji came in between and He said, what is this fight going on in your Golok.  So Radha Krishna said, ‘where have you come from, what is it to you’.  So Maharaj Ji said – no, I’ve come from the material world – from Mrityalok – but I want to know what is this fight.  So the gopis told Maharaj Ji what the fight was about, this is why Radha Krishna are fighting.  So Maharaj Ji said “Ok, Ok, if that is the fight then I will tell you the solution.  What we’ll do is that both of you, Radha Krishna, you both sit on the swing and I’ll push both of you – there is no need to fight”.  So Radha Krishna they both laughed and they both sat on the swing and Maharaj Ji started swinging them. 

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