Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maya's bashing will force us to listen to Guru!

गुरु की नमानो जो तो गोविन्द राधे ।
माया दण्ड देके जीव को मनवादे ॥
If you do not listen to your Guru,
Maya will punish you in such way that you will be forced to listen to Him.

In this lecture Shree Maharajji explains the above doha.  He says that Guru tries to teach a soul in many ways, but a soul who is under maya's influence, ignores those teachings.  He says that "due ego of various kinds like intellect, body, money etc we ignore a saint or Guru's words."  He further elaborates that like a mother who punishes her child for his wrong doings, maya also punishes us to divert our focus from world towards God and Guru.
Listen to the audio of this lecture here:

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