Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Kanaiya awakes with sleepy eyes!!

उठे हरि, नैनन नींद भरे ।
अति रस भरे नैन रतनारे डोरन अरुन परे ।
खँजन मीन चकोर ठगे से देखत नैन खरे ।
खुलत न नैन मैन मदमाते जनु असि म्यान धरे ।
श्यामगात जँभुवात मूँदि दृग मातृ स्वकर पकरे ।
डगमगात पग धरत धरणि पर बिच-बिच दृग उघरे ।
लखतिहं बनत ुकृपालु लाल छवि बरबस स्वबस करे ॥
(Prem Ras Madira)

Little Kanhaiya is getting up in the morning, and  His eyes are looking very sleepy.
Filled with nectar, the eyes of the sweet Lord have reddish hue in them.
The partridge bird and the fish, both known for the beauty of their eyes, are standing in awe of the Lord’s infinitely beautiful eyes.
Known for wounding the heart, these dangerous eyes can do no harm as long as they are closed, just as a sword can do harm as long as it is within the shield.
Shyamsunder’s eyes are closed and He is yawning, while Mother Yashoda holds  on to Him firmly, making sure He does not fall back.
Taking faltering steps He places His lotus feet on the ground, opening His eyes now and then.
Says Shree ‘Kripalu,’ “This heart-captivating beautiful scene  must be seen to be believed.”

The padh itself is nectarous enough, but when Swamiji explains it, it becomes unforgettable.  
Click Here to watch the video of explanation of above padh in ENGLISH by Swamiji.

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