Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All glories to thee, O my Spiritual Master!

जयति जय, जय सद्गुरु महाराज ।
छके युगल रस रास सरस जनु, मूर्तिमान रसराज ।
बिनु कारण करुणाकर जाकर, अस स्वभाव भल भ्राज ।
बरबस पतितन देत प्रेमरस, अस रसिकन सरताज ।
डूबत आपु डुबावत जन कहँ, प्रेमसिन्धु ब्रजराज ।
हौं 'कृपालु' गुरू चरण शरण गहि, भयो धन्य जग आज ॥

All glories to thee, O my Spiritual Master!
You always relish the sweet nectar of the divine Maharaas leela of Radha Krishna. You yourself are the embodiment of divine love.
You are causelessly merciful,which is your inherent nature.
Freely and forcefully, you distribute divine love even to the most fallen of souls. You are such an exalted rasik Saint.
You immerse yourself in divine bliss, and also drench your devotees in that nectar. You are such an ocean of divine love .
Says Shree ‘Kripalu’, “Having found the shelter of such a merciful master’s lotus feet, I have become the most blessed soul in this world.”

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