Thursday, June 13, 2013

हमें तो, एक तिहारी आस [ O Lord! You are my one and only hope.]

हमें तो, एक तिहारी आस |
काहू के काहू को बल हरि, हमहिं तुमहिं विस्वास |
कोउ कर योग यज्ञ दानादिक, कोउ कर जप उपवास |
कोउ कर चारिधाम तिरथ अरु, कोउ कर काशीवास |
कोउ कर आस स्वर्ग अपवर्गहिं, कोउ बैकुण्ठ विलास |
हम 'कृपालु' गोपाल! तिहारिहीं, करत आस बनि दास ||
O Lord! You are my one and only hope. In this world, different people rely on different means but I trust only you. There are some who practice austerities, sacrifices, alms-givings, etc and some go for chanting, fasting, etc. Some go on the pilgrimage of all the four shrines and some reside in Kashi. Some desire for heaven and liberation, while some for the opulence of Vaikunth. But, Shree Kripaluji says that I long only for You (Gopal), like a humble servant.


  1. Obliged and delighted to be associated with Prem ras madira like this.
    Radhey radhey thanks