Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Engrossed in Krishna Love [Kripalu Quotes]

"Those, whose hearts and minds are engrossed in Shree Krishna's love, are so contented that they do not desire anything else.  Even the greatest worldly achievements, the ultimate glory of mayic realm do not attract them." Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj


  1. True, those who are deeply in love with krishna wouid fully agree with this. Jai shree krishna.

  2. यदि किसी को भगवान और संत के काम मे संशय है तो वो एक दर्जे का भी बिधायर्थी नहीं है। भगवान महापरुष की कोई बात समझ मे आ जाती है तो आश्चर्य है। नहीं आती तो स्वाभाविक है। क्यू की आप माइयाइक और महापरुष अमायिक। यदि आप किसी महापरुष को तभी मानो जब इस्स की सारी बाते तुम्हारी समझ मे आ जाए तो सासत्र कहेते है 'इस्स पैमाने मे तुम जहा हो उससे पीछे पीछे खिसकते जवों गए क्यू की ईश्वरीए जगत मे बहोत सूक्ष्म और राश्य के कानून है। उन्हे केवल उन के गवर्नमेंट वाले ही समझ सकते है।
    --------------ये वाक्य कशी के पंचम मूल जगद्गुरु श्री 1008 कृपालु महाप्रभु का है !!!

  3. God realization is not the consequence of any practice. it is a divine Gift which is recive through his grace when his devotee's heart and mind conceivean unbreakable oneness with his divine beloved Radha krishna when ever the desire of love dissolves in the loving feeling of his absolute nearness.
    ------Jagadguru sri 1008 Kripalu Mahaprabhu

  4. Moral and ethical values are declining today. The new generation has lost its identity it is important for us to discover our own culture and study our history and epic mythology to find inspiration. The knowledge of gita wich is given by Lord Krishna to Aurjuna, this teaching has lived for on aeons ans illumined humanity's path to this day. Srimad bhagwatam mahapuran is a saga of love and devotion. The world is in great need of love today the Victim burning in the fire of hate and voilence may he bath in this sweet essence of love and devotion and attain peace may this secipture aid the uplift of human society.
    Radhe Radhe