Sunday, May 11, 2014

हमारे, बैर परीं ब्रज बाल [Pastimes of baby Krishna and mother Yashoda]

हमारे, बैर परीं ब्रज बाल |
ये अति चतुर मातु! मैं भोरो, जानत नहिं कछु चाल |
मोको इकलो देखि बुलावतिं, उर विष वचन रसाल |
सरल सुभाय जात ढिंग जब ही, पकरी लेतिं ततकाल |
'माखन खाय निहाल करहु चलि, मोरेहु घर नँदलाल' |
हौं साँचेहीं पतिताय गयों घर, इन मन रह कछु जाल |
पुनि पुनि पकरी नचावतिं मो कहँ, मारतीं गुलचन गाल |
कोऊ छोरति अंबर कोऊ नूपुर, कोऊ मुरली, कोऊ माल |
बाबा की सौगंध खवावातिं, 'कहहु आइहौं काल' |
पुनि बरबस मुख दधि लपटावतिं, हँसतिं सबै दे ताल |
कर गहि पुनि इत बात बनावतिं, कहँ लौ कहौं कुचल |
हौं 'कृपालु' बालक ये धिंगरी, सुनी सखी होतिं बेहाल ||

Our little Kanhaiya is expert in telling tales.  One day he comes to mother Yashoda and concocting a stories says,  "Oh Maiya! These Gopis of Braj are bent on creating trouble for us.  Maiya! they are very clever and you know very well how very innocent I am.  I am devoid of any deception, you know it well.  Maiya! see me alone, these Gopis with their hearts full of poison, call me in extremely sweet tone.  When, due to my simple nature, I go to them without suspecting anything, they pounce on me and invites me to their house to have some butter.  Believing their words to be genuine, I go along with them.  But their hearts are full of deceit because once there, everyone of them grabs me and makes me dance, and hit me on my cheeks with their knuckles."
"O'Maiya! you won't believe what goes on there! one would tug on my pitambara (saffron cloth) and one would pull my anklets.  Another would try to steal my flute and some one else will snatch my garland.  And if you are wondering as to why I keep on going back to them everyday, I'll explain to you that as well.  Maiya! they all make me swear on Baba's (father) head to return the following day.  After that, they all smear curd all over my face, all the while laughing and clapping their hands together.  Then, they take hold of my hands and drag me home to you and make all sorts of stories, falsely accusing me of stealing their curds."
"O' my sweet and simple Maiya! to what extent can I say, I have had enough of their pranks.  And if you ask me why I do nothing in retaliation, the thing is that I am just a little boy, and each and every one of them are giantess."
Hearing such stories, all the Gopis who were hiding and listen to Kanhaiya started to laugh and were drowned in the ecstasy of divine love for the little tale teller- Kanhaiya.