Friday, July 20, 2012

Look at the grandeur of the month of Shrawan, O Sakhi !

देखु सखि! सावन मास बहार।
नवल निकुंज-मंजु बिच झूलत, नवल युगल सरकार।
पकरे दोउ, इक-इक कर डोरिन, इक-इक कर गर डार।
दोउ देँ झोँटे झूमि-झूमि झुक‌ि, एकहिं एक निहार।
फहरत नील पीत पट अंचल, चंचल लट घुँघरार।
गावत राग मलार दुहुँन मिलि, अलि कर स्वर-विस्तार।
सखिन बजावति बीन वेनु कोउ, सब प्रवीन इक-सार।
लखि कृपालुकह दोउ मम ठाकुर, जय हो जय बलिहार
Look at the grandeur of the month of Shrawan, O Sakhi !
Radha and Krishna are enjyoing the swing in a Kunj
They both are embracing each other with one hand and holding the swing with other
Radha and Krishna are overjoyously swinging and smiling and looking at each other
Yellow dress of Shree Krishna and Blue dress of Radharani are swaying so are their shiny black curly hair
Taking melodious taan in high pitch tone, they are singing a loving song in a very sweet voice
To exhilarate the Bliss of the leela, Sakhis are playing different musical instruments in perfect taal
Looking at this beautiful pastime, Shree Kripaluji Mahraj says- All Glories to my Divine Couple of Radha-Krishna!!

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