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How to recognize a true Saint- Part 2

Why can't a Saint perform any action after God-realization?  This is because firstly, the goal of every action performed is the attainment of the Divine Bliss, which a Mahapurush has already achieved.  Therefore, there is nothing left to be achieved or accomplished thereafter. That is why, if nothing is to be achieved then why would a Saint perform any action?  Secondly, if he performs any action i.e. good or bad, then it will be a cause of bondage.  Therefore, having freed himself from all the bondages, why would a Saint engage in such actions again?  Thirdly, before attainment of God, Maya is the controller of the soul and after God-realization, God governs and directly controls the soul.  Hence, every action a Mahapurush performs, is governed and inspired by God.  All the actions of the Saint are performed by God.  
Therefore, every action of his is respected and honoured, as God becomes the governor of the Saint and directs his every action.  For example, a driver drives a car.  If the car meets with an accident, the car is not to be blamed as it is a material object.  It is the driver that is to be blamed and punished.
Hence, there is no need for a Mahapurush to perform any good or bad actions.  Yet, why does a Saint appear to perform such actions? What reason does he have to perform actions thereafter?
All the scriptures and Saints say that a God-realized Saint does not perform either good or bad actions.  This is because, after God-realization, all the actions of that soul are governed and inspired by God Himself.  The soul becomes eternally absorbed in the Divine Bliss of God, and God performs all its actions. 
sadā paśhyanti soorayaḥ tadviṣhṇoḥ paramaṁ padam
Now, if we assume that a Mahapurush, Saint realizes the presence of his beloved God in every entity and experiences His Divine Bliss all the time, then souls under the influence of Maya can raise a question.  The question is: if Mahapurushs realize God everywhere and are beyond Maya, then why did so many Mahapurushs in history rule kingdoms for thousands of years, fight wars and have children?  Dhruv, Prahalad, Prithu, Vibheeshan, Arjun, Yudhishthir, etc. all did this.  When they were God-realized, how and why did they perform these worldly actions?  Is there anything more left to do after God-realization?  Does any desire arise in their mind?  Are there any desires left after God-realization?  Moreover, their actions are so immense and colossal that a person under Maya does not have the power to make such desires, or fulfill them.  
The answer to this question is:
hari harijan ke karya ko, kāraṇ kachhu na lakhāya |
par upakār svabhāv vaśh, karat kārya jag āya ||
The one and only reason behind any action of God and Mahapurush is the welfare of humankind, which is their nature.
The Vedas state:
poorṇamadaḥ poorṇamidaṁ poorṇāt poorṇamudachyate |
poorṇasya poorṇamādāya poorṇamevāvaśhiṣhyate ||
God is infinitely complete and fulfilled in Himself.  Hence, if you remove a part out of an infinite entity, what is taken out is complete, and what will remain is also infinite and complete.  So, there is no question of any selfish motive behind the actions of these God realized Saints, who have achieved their goal and are completely fulfilled.  Since before God-realization, a Saint had been under the influence of Maya, like us, he is familiar with our sorrows and pain.  That is why he wishes that the individual soul should also attain God, and experience the same unlimited Divine Bliss that he is experiencing.  Thus, with this praiseworthy desire of welfare of all living beings, a Mahapurush performs all types of actions, with the single aim of well being of all souls.  
Those actions may not be comprehensible to everyone, and the world could oppose such actions.  But because of the aim behind these actions is solely the welfare of human kind, those actions become praise worthy.  Even the most intellectual cannot comprehend the actions of a Saint.  This is because these actions are performed by a Divine power called Yogmaya, which is a special personal power of God.
Just as we cannot listen through the eyes, since hearing is not the subject of the eyes, similarly, we cannot grasp divine subjects with our material mind, because God as well as the Saints are not the subject of the material senses, mind and the intellect.  This is the reason why from infinite lifetimes we have never understood many Saints who descended on this earth.  That is why we have never benefited from them until now, and not attained our goal.  We tried to judge and observe them though our material minds.
In the case of Mother Parvati, who was overcome by Maya, Lord Shankar clarifies: "O Parvati! You have neither doubts nor ignorance.  You are not under the influence of Maya.  Nevertheless, you pretended to be misled by Maya, as your intention was just to warn people not to apply their material intellect to the Divine actions and pastimes of God."  If they do so, they will harm themselves.  In order to teach this lesson to us souls, Mother Parvati herself applied her intellect and showed, "Look what happened to me.  You people do not make this mistake."
In the same way, after reading about the examples of Garud and many other Saints, we will find that all these acts were done just for the welfare of humankind.  Hence, the Vedas say that one should imitate only good actions of a Saint and nothing else, otherwise it can lead to downfall of a person.  
Just like Lord Shankar drank Halahal, the most dreadful poison, and was designated with the title "Neelkanth," but if we try to imitate this action and drink even a drop of poison, we will surely die.
Therefore, we have now understood that the actions of a true Saint are Divine, and hence, beyond the comprehension of the material intellect.  We have to obey his instructions, which will result in the purification of the heart. Then, he will bestow his Divine grace and power with which we will be able to know God and relish His Divine Bliss.
Thus, we now have to recognize a true Saint, so that by surrendering to him, we can achieve our goal of life.  Otherwise, we will never be able to attain Divine love of God.  This leads us to question, that when it is impossible for even Lord Brihaspati and Goddess Saraswati to recognize a true Saint, then how we will recognize him? If we are not able to recognize him then we will never attain our goal?  Will we always be under the clutches of Maya?
Regarding the definition of a Mahapurush, we have understood till now that a soul, who has attained God, and whose actions are performed by God's will, that soul is called a Mahapurush, a true Saint.  Also, it was proved by all the Vedas and Scriptures that there is no difference between God and Mahapurush, because all the actions of the Mahapurush are performed by God.  In fact, for a devotee, Mahapurush is the most important because it is only through a Mahapurush one will attain all the spiritual knowledge related to preliminary stages of sadhana, devotion, and without whose guidance, the individual cannot even take a step forward towards God.
āchāryavān puruṣho hī veda | (Chhandogyopaniṣhat 6-14-2)
Because all the scriptures as well as Saints have told various kinds of paths to achieve the supreme entity - God.  Finding solutions to the innumerable Upanishads, Puranas and differences of arguments of learned scholars, and understanding their correct meaning and selecting the best path is impossible even for Lord Brihaspati and Goddess Sarasvati.  So how can it be possible for an ordinary person?  Only a Mahapurush knows the correct and most suitable solution for an individual, and can direct the individual towards the correct path.
We already know that since infinite lifetimes, we are making a continuous effort for the attainment of the Divine Bliss of God.  During endless lifetimes, we might have walked towards God but surprisingly until now, we have not attained that eternal bliss.  The reason for this is that we never surrendered ourselves to a true Saint.  Whereas, there is rule in this material world, that only by following the instructions of a teacher, we attain knowledge about any subject.  If we follow half of the instructions of our worldly teacher and apply our own intellect to the rest of it, then we will never be able to progress to the next class.
When we are sick, we follow the instructions of a doctor.  Otherwise, we know the consequences of not following the full instructions.  In the same way, since countless lifetimes we applied our material intellect in the deep and intense subject called God, and because of it, instead of moving forward in the spiritual realm, we kept on moving backwards.  That means our downfall has been continuous.  According to the Vedas and Shastras, God-realization is the easiest work in this world.  There is no hard work in this. Yet, we have not attained our supreme goal till now.  The reason behind this is that we have not accepted a Mahapurush to be a Mahapurush.  And if we do not realize a true Saint to be a true Saint, we will never surrender completely.  And without complete surrender, we cannot move forward towards achieving our goal. 
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